Trick Or Treating Safety Tips

What To Watch For ...

Halloween will be here before we know it. This is the time of year when all kids and parents should be planning Halloween costumes and thinking about how to stay safe while they’re out trick or treating. Here are a few spooky Halloween safety tips to ensure your family has a fun and safe Halloween.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry to be quick when you’re out trick or treating; never run, walk.
  2. You’re costume should never come below your ankles to prevent tripping.
  3. Always have a flashlight turned on while haunting your neighbors.
  4. If a house wishes you to come on up they will have their lights on. No lights, no treats.
  5. Always go out in groups or if you are younger make sure you have an adult with you.
  6. Never enter anyones house no matter what the person may say. Treats should be given outside. If you are asked to enter someone is home leave immediately and tell an adult.
  7. Never go anywhere with any stranger. If someone asks you to go somewhere with them for any reason leave and contact an adult.
  8. Make sure some of your costume is bright and colorful or use reflective tape so cars can see you at night.
  9. Never wear a mask; they stop you from seeing properly. Paint your face instead.
  10. If there are no sidewalks in your neighborhood, walk facing traffic.
  11. Never eat candy or treats while you’re out trick or treating. Take your loot home and ask an adult to help you sort it to assure it hasn’t been tampered with. Throw out all candies and treats that have loose paper or holes in the packaging.
  12. Obey traffic signals, cross at corners and use crosswalks when possible. If you have to cross the road, look both ways and be sure there is no traffic approaching.
  13. Plan a designated route for trick or treating and tell an adult where you and your friends are going. Do not change your plans for any reason and don’t visit houses that aren’t on the designated route. Do not take shortcuts or got into alleys or parking lots. Avoid dark places.

Follow these tips so you will be safe, have fun and collect lots of tasty treats. If your not sure, just don’t do it!

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